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My last blog

This is it, my last blog. I don’t really know how to start this blog without getting too cheesy or corny. 

So, I’d rather just leave it at that and talk about my experience like the other times. We have time to get emotional at the end.

But for now let me tell you about my finished projects! I actually didn’t share all of them, I managed to just show a picture of the guest book.

Let’s start with the toilet sign. It’s finally hung up and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. 

I also had to spray paint it with a protective glaze so the dust wouldn’t ruin it over time. I know I shouldn’t have favorites but this one really is my special child.

I hope everybody will take care of it in the future, otherwise I will have to come back to protect it.

Next on the list are the name tags!

It was really fun to assemble them and pick fun colors to match the graphics inside, some skaters even helped me, which was really wholesome.

I left the files on photoshop and indesign to my colleagues so they will be able to add new names for the next volunteers :) 

But, I already made the new sign for the new volunteer who will be arriving at the end of November. 

Of course, I will keep the paper with my name as a memory from this project and hang it in my room in Italy.

I almost forgot about the stickers! I made some stickers for the windows at the new entrance.

It surprised me how quick it was to make them and by making them I actually mean drawing them. I had no part in printing or sticking them. It was done by the same company who did the new facade sign.

Kulturfabrikken will have a lot of things that will remind them of me, I’m afraid.

I also made a menu for the future juice workshops so that the future volunteers will be able to redo this kind of workshop, even if they know very little about juicing, just like I did when I started working on it.

As you can see it’s called juice bar and for every vegetable/fruit there are two very fun and intriguing recipes. 

This is Eliza’s and my testament for the next volunteers, so please make the best out of it!

I am writing this before actually completing my last project, because Alessandro will talk about it in detail in his blog for next month.

At the moment, I am supervising everything and making sure I can have a proper last event with the skaters before leaving. 

I want to say goodbye with a good atmosphere and not dwell in the sadness of it all, so I won’t make the event about me but for the users of Kultur.

Of course, I will say my goodbyes and it might be depressing, but I want it to be a party and see everybody having fun.

In the meantime, let me share the poster and tickets that I made for this event.

There isn’t anything else that you don’t know about, so I guess it’s time to say goodbye.

Thank you so much for reading my blog throughout these months. This may be my last blog but not my last time in Denmark!

But most importantly, thank you to everyone who helped me and accompanied me on this journey. I will miss you terribly and I hope we can meet again one day, even if I don't know when that will be.

I will always cherish these past 9 months. I'm really grateful for this experience and for everyone I met.