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Building my March

Hello there! Time flies and March has ended in the blink of an eye. Despite that, important events took place at Kulturfabrikken and I'll try to sum them up here below in my new ESC blog!

On saturday, the 11th, the concert hall was filled with the laughter of children, in fact,  the Family concert brought here a lot of people to enjoy a day of fun and music. More specifically the band performance featured some engaging Danish songs and, even though I really struggled to understand one single word, I could perceive the excitement of parents and children who danced and sang for all the time.

Exactly one week later, on Saturday, the 18th, a workshop called " byg en bænk " was held here at Kulturfabrikken. The goal was to build a bench using recycled skateboard pieces and not only it was a great success, but it also contributed to sustainability by repurposing materials that otherwise would have been thrown out. More specifically these skateboard waste were kindly donated by a lot of skaters some of whom also showed up during that day.
The event started with a briefing where the team shared some thoughts and suggestions and ended with a masterpiece that is really lighting the entrance hall up. It was a great pleasure being part of this huge project under the direction of Guna and Susanne who were in charge of it.

Unfortunately some days after the workshop, I got sick for quite a few days thus missing the opportunity to take part in the Metal concert that happened on Friday, the 31th, and, according to what my colleagues said, really rocked!
Moreover, my bike broke down for the third time but what migth seem like a disfortune can easily turn out to be an opportunity. In fact, thanks to the help from my leader's boyfriend Thomas, I understood way more about bike assembling and that's for sure a skill I will bring with me in my future journey.
April will be my last month here in Denmark and, as you of course understood it's been eight months full of fun, friendships, discoveries but also efforts, difficulties and disappointments. Anyway that's what life is and I can't wait to live it as well as possible during my last 30 days abroad. See you soon in my next ESC blog!